Your starting point for learning to use this project.

At its heart, this project is all about People and Education.

Why those two and not, say, Data? A couple of reasons:

  1. First, we know from research and our own experience that data is a tool used by people for outcomes; building this project only on data would miss the opportunity space offered by the adjacent possible that people discover by asking critical questions.

  2. Second, we believe that a mindset shift toward learning will enable a culture of innovation (our mission) in ways that simply having more data or information will not.

When starting out, we recalled all the frustrations many of us experienced in our daily work (especially government employees) and determined that it would not suffice to let a particular visualization tool drive applications.

You may not think you care about the data (though you should), but we want to be clear that this is where we start: people and data.

What you probably do care about, especially if you're reading this page, is how you can use the project. To that end, please continue reading to learn more about its core features and future development we are considering, or skip ahead to Use Cases to see our hypotheses about how someone like you might benefit.

  • Data: What powers the project.

  • Graph: How the project data is connected.

  • Map: Where to find the project in your neighborhood.

  • Timeline: How the project data shows evolution over time.

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