Organizations we work with on this project.

In thinking about the long-term utility of this project, along with our values as a community, we very early decided that this needed to involve multiple organizations.

Our concept with partnerships is simple: the relationship should be mutually-beneficial, time-bound (e.g. no need for lock-in, let's have a good trial period and offer flexibility), and fun. DEF is run by volunteers, so we don't have time to deal with any more painful bureaucracy in our lives.

Existing Partners

We do not yet have any formal partnerships for this project, but DEF already works with the these existing partners, who we hope to recruit as supporters for this project as well:

  • Agitare - a facilitation and design-focused community of deep thinkers who offer much in the way of questioning, especially when it comes to Use Cases and Ethics.

  • JSOFT - a community of people passionate about software in defense and national security whose expertise as a bridge for data and related aspects of this project can help grow its reach and connectivity (and with whom we already collaborate).

  • Google - you know them, we already work with them on DEFx Software events and use Google Workspace to support this project and DEF overall, but Google Cloud has the potential to take the Google Sheets + Kumu version of this project and extend it to a much more robust platform, with associated educational resources.

Potential Partners

In addition to those above, we think the following organizations are really cool and good potential partners, if it works out:

  • Golden - a commercial company building the world's largest knowledge engine / graph, their software is interesting because it helps apply the kinds of data-centric ideas of this project to day-to-day challenges people in national security face (plus there is no way we could generate that level of detail for our work, so perhaps an opportunity to collaborate exists).

  • Data-focused software companies - way too many to list here, but we think this space has a lot of opportunity to help people explore and learn about these concepts while also driving greater connectivity across the ecosystem.

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