Multiple attributes of Entities that help capture their various dimensions.

The idea of Tags is one we feel is important, but right now they are sort-of all over the place and we need to find a good balance between the Google Sheets approach and something much more robust. We think Kumu offers some options with JSON blueprints, but need to explore further.

Tags allow for the easy filtering of Entities based on a single field with multiple keywords (e.g. Kessel Run is an Entity that might have the Tags Military Air Force Software, and so on.

By clicking on or filtering by a Tag one can easily see all the Entities associated with it in the Data, Graph, Map, and Timeline.

Problems with Tags

Unfortunately, executing this in Google Sheets using Kumu is sort-of a challenge because:

  1. Kumu uses | connectors in a single field to separate Tags (which means you cannot run a simple Data Validation rule against a list of keywords like we do with Labels, Categories, and Connections.

  2. The whole idea of Tags depends on a common set of terms... but how do you know whether to use Software or DevSecOps or Technology or something else? Who makes these decisions and how do the uninitiated learn? (NOTE: We will keep this page updated with our hypotheses and approaches).

Future Plans for Tags

We are very open to ideas and existing best practices here, so please Contact Us if you have ideas or examples to share! We think our Partners may be able to help with this as well.

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