31 Dec 2021

This initial version started with the work of several existing efforts, incuding the 2018 version of a similar project and data accumulated through crowdsourcing and research conducted by interns at both FIS and DEF.

Our overall goal in starting out was simply to learn the best ways to reliably and consistently ingest Data and display it in the Graph - these two tasks form the main functionality of the project and enabling extensibility (e.g. multiple means of Adding or Updating Data and multiple means of Cleaning Data are foundational to what we're looking at.

  • Exported existing lists from various sources and started consolidating them in Google Sheets to serve as an initial public view of Data outside a visualization tool

  • Established initial Entities list with associated fields based on existing lists noted above (see the Labels column in Entities sheet)

  • Created initial Categories for use with Entities (see the Validation (ignore) sheet)

  • Built initial list of Tags to use with Entities (see the Validation (ignore) sheet)

  • Wrote initial Connections by type to link Entities (see the Validation (ignore) sheet)

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