Why the project matters.
We know that seeing data contextualized is great, but believe that a foundational understanding of that data is much more important.
We also know that such data literacy is sorely missing in the national security community, stifling innovation for lack of comfort brought on by familiarity or existing use cases (what you may hear referred to as "warm fuzzies" in some circles).
One of our explicit aims for this project is to increase data literacy and related confidence across the national security community, which is an educational activity.
Our hope is to work with Partners and leverage the Learning opportunities already available to connect people with a desire to do so to areas of the project where they can practice. In our experience it is much easier to learn when you have a problem to which those new concepts can be applied, and this project is hopefully one that will inspire people to take a leap and challenge themselves.
If you like this idea and want to get involved, please check out the various sub-elements in the Learning section and feel free to Contact Us as well!
Last modified 2yr ago