Project Overview

What it is we say that we do here and how it works.
Thanks for your interest in national security and innovation. This site documents our efforts for this project so that you can understand and engage with it.
This project is now in the public Beta phase, which means everything is live and we're picking up speed. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome either at [email protected] or in the feedback form on

Structure of Docs

There are a number of sections you can access to learn more about the project - each section has an overview page just like this one to further explain what you can find there, and you can also use the Search feature or sidebar to navigate around:
  • About (where you currently are) explains the basics of this project and associated features.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions section does just what you might expect: identifies and answers common questions we receive about the project.
  • Release Notes are the updates we make to the project over time so you can understand where changes take place (and also planned features).
  • We use the Workflow section to document step-by-step instructions and tutorials for each segment of the project to increase sustainability by making it easy to contribute.
  • Lastly, Education captures key elements underpinning the project, some of which are referenced elsewhere as foundational - great references.
There are a few different ways to navigate this guide:
  • Use the Sidebar to scroll through and expand different sections
  • Click on Links to different sections in order to hop right there
  • Type something into Search and check out the results
Want to get nerdy about this guide? Check out the GitBook section to learn more about this platform, otherwise keep on reading!
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